Saturday, June 23, 2012

8 months

This little guy is growing up. If all I had to do was look after him, I would be pretty busy. And tired. And looking after him is not exactly all I have to do!

He's still a very enthusiastic smiler.

He plays like mad. Sometimes frantically. The hosepipe was fascinating.

He's a pretty good napper. He mostly falls asleep pretty quickly with a quick snuggle or a bottle, and if we are out i pop him into the baby carrier and he sleeps. He wakes up a lot at night though, but to make up for it he usually sleeps until after 7. And that dummy is a pretty good friend of his.

He started creeping at 6 months, now he scoots everywhere. He can crawl on his knees a bit but he still chooses to scoot. 

He's at that "let me see if I can fit in here" stage.

This entertainer thing takes up precious space but it's worth it!

Food face - Mr A was the neatest eater ever. I hardly ever even put a bib on him. Baby J needs bibs and likes squishing his food. He likes his food, though!

Not quite big enough for the swing

Bucket of baby

Shoe cupboard joy - dirty old boots are the best toys ever!

So at 8 months Baby J can scoot on his tummy, crawl a bit, go from sitting to crawling and crawling to sitting, kneel up against something, stand against the couch if I put him there, say mimimim, eat lumpy food, pull off his socks and turn over dustbins to eat the contents. He has 4 teeth and his hair is growing into a mohawk.  Oh yes, and if there was a wriggliest baby in the world competition he might just win!
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